Our Farm

Minimizing Space, Maximizing Yields

Imagine growing your own produce is as easy as just adding water! Our farms are designed to get the most of any space, be it your terraces, balconies, backyards or farms, designed by experts keeping your needs in mind. From growing aromatic herbs to your very own leafy greens and even fruits like strawberries.

We Have One Goal

Our Dream

Is to make farming efficient, cost-efficient, sustainable, residue free, and flavourful. We work on optimizing yields, using vertical growing systems for leafy green vegetables, such as Spinach, Italian Basil, Oregano etc. Our systems are made from locally sourced materials, simple in design to implement with yields as high as seven to eight times that of a conventional farm. Most of our nutrition and fertigation systems are automated and circulatory, resulting in minimal wastage of water and efficiencies as high as 80 to 85 percent. All of our produce is residue free and free of contaminants. We take responsibility for our produce.

Our Technology

We work with both hydroponic and aeroponic systems. Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants in constantly flowing water, whereas, aeroponics involves using tiny water droplets to sustain plant growth. Both systems have inherent advantages and constraints.

Advantages & Constraints of Hydroponics

* Hydroponics is better suited for leafy green vegetables, herbs etc.

* Low cost of systems & equipments.

* Easy to design and operate.

* Can tolerate power outages of short intervals.

* Easy to install and disassemble

*Difficult to clean algae depositions that may arise due to slower flow rates of nutrients.

*Not effective for growing root vegetables, tubers and rhizomes

* Oxygenation of water is constrained and can only be addressed with lowering water tempratures.

Advantages & Constraints of Aeroponics

* Can easily be used for root vegetables, Tubers and Rhizomes.

* Can grow plants by directly using plant cuttings and cloning them in the process.

* No need to germinate plants from seeds (thereby shortening plant cycle)

* No need to clean as algae deposition (if accumulated) remains solely in the reservoir.

* Water oxygenation is not an issue as the system cools the water and increases surface area of water by making mist.

* The systems are costly to make and implement.

* Slower ROR compared to Hydroponics

* High TDS of water can cause Nozzle clogging, hence a higher maintenance cost.

Grown With Love at Our Farms

We strive to give you the best of bounties our farms have to offer. Growing myriads of produce from herbs, leafy greens to edible flowers. All our produce is grown using advanced agricultural practices, ensuring clean, healthy and vitalizing food for your table. 

Harit Jaichand


The Xgro Team


Plants are just as complex a lifeform as any and knowing what's right to eat, is the secret to growing right. Grow with us on our journey


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